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Building Wealth in a Volatile Market

Generally, during inflationary times similar to today, hard assets such as real estate will appreciate. Stocks will generally decline because interest rates have increased. Debt service for most corporations as a percentage of income has increased, thereby decreasing net income. When net income goes down, the value of the company goes down, theoretically. I wrote […]

Investing During Extreme Inflation

With inflation on the rise and recent blows to the stock market, the topic of safe investing during these times is currently a common thought. Real estate investment is an effective way to diversify and break into a stable market. If liquidity is not of significant concern, there are plenty of opportunities for each individual, […]

How Millennials Are Changing the Housing Market

In this post-covid era, rising interest rates coupled with a highly competitive housing market have driven many more individuals to rent than previously seen. With millennials becoming the largest generation and entering their prime homebuying years, they account for 21% of the population in the United States while making up approximately 43% of homebuyers. This […]

What is Real Estate Tokenization?

Tokenization is a topic that is quickly approaching relevancy in real estate as crypto settles into a niche in the real estate industry. Currently, this niche is still in its infancy and is rapidly growing abroad while keeping domestic firms and investors eager for its arrival and regulation in the United States. This two-part series […]

Lions, Tigers and Bear Markets, Oh my!

With the Feds raising interest rates another 75 bps, we are officially in a bear market. That, in turn, is causing a slowdown in the commercial real estate industry. However, all commercial assets will not be equally affected by the downslide. Experienced investors understand all too well that even though the national economic data may […]

3 reasons to invest in Office Warehouses

Office warehouses, which fit into the industrial family of commercial real estate investments, have recently jumped in Houston area markets. This article will go through the what, where, and why of these types of investments. In addition, it will demonstrate why investors should consider these types of investment opportunities. What What are these structures, and […]

The Stock Market Reality

When I first opened a stock trading account with Charles Schwab back in early 1990, I was excited at the prospect of making millions of dollars. There was explosive growth within the stock market which helped Charles Schwab become the largest discount stockbroker in the U.S and largest provider of online brokerage services. So who […]