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38) Urban vs. Suburban: Assessing Multifamily Investment Prospects

In multifamily real estate investing, the age-old debate between urban and suburban properties continues to be a topic of interest, particularly as we enter 2024. Investors are keenly evaluating the prospects of both urban and suburban multifamily properties to determine where the best opportunities lie in the coming year.  Urban multifamily properties have long been […]

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36) The Future of Real Estate Commissions

The recent court decision against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and several top brokerage firms, including Homeservices of America and Keller Williams Realty, has significant implications for the real estate industry⁴⁵. The jury found these entities liable for nearly $1.8 billion in damages, determining that they conspired to keep commissions for home sales artificially […]

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32) AI’s role in Real Estate

Artificial intelligence is generally understood as the ability of computers and machines to handle tasks that require human intelligence. Machine learning, which is one of the most common applications of AI, involves training machines with large amounts of data to recognize patterns, analyze data, and run forecasts and algorithms. Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to […]

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31) Why is there a housing shortage?

In order to get a sense for why we have a shortage in housing today, we have to go back to January 2006 when total housing starts were 1.8 million units. This put the Wells Fargo Housing Market Index at 72. The housing market index consists of single family and multifamily units. Even though the […]

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28) 3 Key Points When Evaluating Property

When beginning to evaluate land for a multifamily development, it can be quite overwhelming the first few times as there are many factors to take into account. Although there are many details to be scrutinized when considering investing in multifamily, and all attributes should be thoroughly analyzed; there are three key points that can help […]

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24) Trended Rents vs Untrended Rents

In the world of multifamily property underwriting, one crucial factor that investors and lenders must consider is the impact of interest rates on underwriting. This consideration becomes especially important during periods of rising interest rates. In such times, it is essential to determine whether to use trended rents or untrended rents when assessing the property’s […]

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22) 2023 Housing Outlook

The housing market benefited the most from lower interest rates, but once rates started tightening, housing started heading downward. If you assume a 20% down payment, the rise in mortgage rates and home prices since December 2021 amounts to a 52% increase in monthly payments on a new 30-year mortgage for the median existing home. […]

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20) How to Invest in Real Estate for Beginners

Nowadays, there is a wider variety of real estate investment opportunities than ever before. This opportunity can make a first-time investment in the real estate industry overwhelming for new or seasoned investors. Let’s go over the 3 common types of real estate investments that beginner-level investors will encounter. We will also discuss the time and […]

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